Reasons to March

  • You should march on the King Holiday if you understand and appreciate the sacrifice and contributions of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.o
  • You should march if you too have a vision and desire that one day the King Dream will become fulfilled.
  • You should march if you have benefited by the economic, educational and social remedy which resulted from King's life.
  • You should march if you have a sense of obligation to help others understand, by your presence, that the King Holiday is important to the Triangle, North Carolina and America.
  • You should march if you acknowledge that the King Memorial March is not a protest march, but rather, an assembly of citizens, from across racial & denominational lines, in a confirmation of solidarity with others who recognize the challenges still facing society.
  • You should march if you wish to set a positive example for young people, of all creeds and races, by participating in a civic event which helps reinforce your values of economic justice, peace and respect for all cultures.
  • You should especially march if you've never marched before.
  • You should march if you know.....deep down inside.... that you could/should do more to help inspire and provide a sense of aspiration for our youth.
  • You too should march on the King Holiday if you and your family, civic or church group come to grips with the realization that it is not "uncool" to show support publicly for a message which is still shaping the moral fabric and future of our nation.
  • You should march on the King Holiday because it is an appropriate and honorable response to today's realities and opportunities.

Adapted from Raleigh, Carolina's 26th consecutive year Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

Get Involved

Area residents will have the opportunity than to participate in the spirit of Dr. King's legacy as numerous events will take place throughout the weekend preceding the holiday as well as on the day itself.

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Art Contest

Submit the form to have original artwork; watercolor, paints, pencil, written essay, poem or a recorded performance; music or other submitted for committee consideration, using the chosen theme as inspiration.

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Information for both attendees and spectators regarding location, time, and requirements for various events held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Additional information for artistic entree participants can also be found here.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day march information; time and location for both attendees and spectators. Information for artistic entrees, transportation opportunities, and concessions. Click here to be a part of this special event.

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